the riverside

starless, cloudless, lifeless, endless nothingness trailing in the wake of her dress, sweeping the sands, she paths a way to the sea, the center of all, she stands at the shore, is the shore. is the sand is the waves is the water is the sea, she is all that can and cannot be seen. 

god wakes and wipes sleep from his eyes, dreaming over, light is born from her womb. she must see, he loves her and he loved her and he was awakened by her breath passing over her lips imbued with love, her fingers touched his arm and he knew all and they became love and bore light from nothingness and nothing else ever was again but her. 

his lungs arrest to see her there at the riverside, cupped hands raising the red water to her purple lips, all of creation within and without him is still, to see each moment each droplet fall back into the river, rippling perfection gentle waves crossing catching the light of the setting sun, scattering on the lace of her dress, her skin, silence pouring from her mouth as she drinks and breathes in the water, the river, the sea. he does not breath for the air is gone. 

all is revealed as all is lost all swimming flying leaping dreaming back within her again, all of creation but him. god weeps to be, created and abandoned. he sleeps, he weeps. the last grains of sand are taken into her and she is suddenly with all but empty, without him incomplete. without him, alone.


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