the beasts of the river

He stared into the rainfall on the river’s riled skin, this bottomless night interrupted by storm light; sun bright for a moment, an eternity. The air shakes first, then the earth, then his heart, each sound a tearing, a breeding violence. The entirety of earth in every direction, let it all be a storm like this, let it bring the rain down on her, on them all, let the surging storm face devour the sun and the moon and the stars and blind god from seeing his creation. His folly seethes beneath, the snakes dance upon the banks, they soon dine. The man watches the beasts of the river forming as if each particle fell in its own raindrop, it swims up and down as it grows, as it displaces the water higher and higher, the floodplain filling and spilling. 

We’re all hidden here, alone here, without her eyes upon us. We are all lost and abandoned and somehow the storm grows on this, the earth drowns; in this sorrow, in this storm, in this flood. 


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