balance being necessary and all that


New Actress is the first Actress I’ve ever heard and enjoyed. I haven’t revisited the older stuff to see why I didn’t get into it before, I’ve just been enjoying listening to this one for now. Lots of moods and simple first impressions that dig under the skin. I may have to actually purchase this one.

I heard the speculation around DAMN., the new Kendrick Lamar album, that he’s got some super secret double album stuff happening centered around the Good Friday/Easter Sunday thing, and being an ex-Catholic I couldn’t help but be intrigued by this. And so I’m listening to it right now, and it’s pretty damned solid. I first notice how he’s using more conventional production while of course still keeping things interesting. The past stuff I’ve heard of his has been trying too hard for me to get much into, but this one keeps things level and grooving without losing the intelligence and maturity he’s always had. What I’ve processed so far of the lyrical content is damned thoughtful. Will have to give it a few more listens and see how it holds up.

And Twitter just threw the new Star Wars trailer at me, and it’s certainly setting us up for plenty of  dark training and secretive changes to the galaxy far away. The last little bit Luke says makes good sense, balance being necessary and all that. He’s moving past the light/dark dichotomy (he was the first/only to really be able to harness both, right? I’m not big on SW lore) of Jedi and Sith and suggesting that both have to be there for stasis and peace. So basically sentient creatures aren’t just pure good or pure evil? No shit, wow… but I’m sure it’ll work within the context of the Disney merchandising empire SW universe.

Maybe Kendrick is in on the marketing with his good/evil, blue/red double album? Darth Lamar?


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