her lips a pyre

he lights a candle
and in that moment she can see as him
she can be as him
in her gait her bearing on north south east and west
at her lips he flares the torch
she touches them against the pyre
they wander among the stars like floating embers
remainders of what they were on their ways through the trees

past the clouds
to rest softly in the seas on the moon

she breaks a promise
and in his lifeless eyes she sees her form
she can see in him
that in his gait he leaves her
in her mind she leaves him
on fire he remains

of what they were
in the black seas of what never was

she can see all the world that never was
in her eyes a flame a light a candle

her lips touch the pyre
and she can see as him as futures are uncreated
yet she is singing
her hair the clouds are crowning

her gait the black water of seas she wades she gasps at the earth it was the blue of his eyes
her lips a pyre rising


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