the only lost child

walk the streets like a child, lost child
you are the only lost child
weak and preying on the dogs. never sleep, never sleeping
only dreaming only crying through the night

her hand upon your head her words whispered in your ear crawl like roaches down to your heart to nibble, to bite at its decay
to fatten on your pain, then live in your lungs like the smoke of the men you seek out and dread finding
her hands, her words all worse than any cock or dirty tongue forced in your mouth
she uses you worse than they do and she doesn’t even know it, would never believe it

sway down the aisle a child, lost child
you are the only lost child
bride and seer, weeping in the quiet closets of his opulence,
your soul is leaving you tonight

wave goodbye
your sisters, your brothers, your fathers, your mothers
they are all lost, each alone in their own world.
unspeaking tongues. unknown doors to nothing.
soundless words pour from their eyes. gods throw themselves at the windows and weep;
they cannot break these places. they cannot free these children, screaming light.
weaker than starlight off the puddles of the streets are their eyes, their eyes.
the only lost children, sleeping life away without a soul.
leaving lovers without a note.


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