the swamps and the lakes

it’s a cowards way out
a childish version of a life to live
at the gate standing in pouring rain
in shroud in cowl unborn children inside

the waterfall at the end of the earth into which pour all oceans
’tis but one lake in the vast swamps of hell; but oh how that lake swells, how it swells with the sounds dripping down from heaven like starlight leaks down onto weak earths
(we each have our own, don’t we?
aren’t all here cowards?
aren’t each of us still a child, weak and crawling?
in our own worlds, in our own words we all drown in that water
that light that rain)
the last thing our eyes see is the rain bending in the shockwave
the last thing we breathe is the rain down our throats as it mixes with our blood

this is what the swamps here are made of
this is how we drown in each day’s new flood


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