new constellations

Scattering the sunlights on this planet’s long day, the waves leave my eyes clouded and stinging. The body is soon gone from my sight, it sinks in the unknown depths as I turn and swim away; nowhere to go, no land in sight, no stars to guide me in this day sky, not that I would recognize their patterns from this place so far away from anything I’ve ever known, far away from anything anyone has ever known. Human blood has never touched these waters before this moment, yet I see it floating up dark around the bioluminescence of the creatures swaying beneath in lines. Her sinking bleeding fresh corpse no doubt attracted them and I shouldn’t have paused to watch since I don’t know how the creatures will react, but I couldn’t help it, there’s nowhere to go as far as I can see no matter. I can only tread water here for so long. I can only swim away for so long. The water is unsalted and I can drink it but what will I do? Where will I go? No soul knows where I am, not even me; adrift on this tiny planet in water as far as I can see. Left here to starve and suffer, be hunted and devoured perhaps, I know nothing of what will become of me. But I had to kill her, I had to fucking kill her there was no choice. I hope they enjoy the taste of human flesh and that now she’s in pieces.

stuttering voice, the air weaves my words into lost signals echoing through the layers of low clouds and filtered suns. my body floating just waiting for death here it’s been weeks i think, i truly do no know any more. i’ve tried drowning but i can’t bring myself to do it. there’s patterns in my eyes as the water enters my lungs, this place i see the stars and have created new constellations, there are flying animals that seem to float i think they follow the suns since I’ve not seen them at night, just like I’ve seen no land. The thought of land is intoxicating each time the memories enter my mind. It’s been years since I set foot on the ground of home, or of any planet, any moon. I’ve been floating in space on ships and shuttles and bases. And here I float and tread water, swim then stop. I know nothing of what will become of my body. that’s all i’ll be soon here; no hope of escape or repentance, no redemption, no stories told of my bones.

quivering sobs, the land i never knew the water is killing me slowly my skin is useless and has begun to slough off in sheets. i can’t keep my eyes above the water and its waves. only the sky waits for me to disappear into the faint purple glow of this water. the constellations are all the colors and shapes of her. i’ve named each and every one, every star is named after her. each breath i utter her name in case it’s my last chance. no stories of my bones only the sound of my voice hanging in the hollow clouds that follow the suns.

echoes of her name forever in this wind
my body to rest near her in the depths of the end


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