the stone always cold

to die a death like this
with no honor or reason or rhyme
to leave the child alone in these dark woods on this cold night
with no mother no brother or knife
this, to be betrayal, to pocket an escape
we seek no other sight but the fading dawn the roads decaying to nonexistent points on the unknowable horizon
we are not numbers we are not words
we are endless we are invisible, impossible
leaving our hearts out in the cold
our teeth to turn to stone
with no pattern no silence just soft cries forever unheard

to live a life like this
i’ve no end to the madness no song of the sadness
it just ends and i am betrayal, i become the hidden miles between here and there and where you were
where you are now is for no lover no love no silence there next to his heart
leave it out in the cold night air
it is stone, it does not grow cold; cold is what it always was and is returning to, please leave it there to fade to sheer and shatter
my arms and the bones within them are silent and without light
children in dark woods on cold nights
no lover no lover no light

these nights endless, invisible, impossible
i’ve no words no lives to live like this
no song no sadness, no sadness.
just betrayal.


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