no we are not moving

sails and winds on these sails

children and their bedsheets out to dry

and yet we are not moving

lights and the stars that fire them

ice and water upon my boots

no we are not sleeping

our heavenly father’s name be time and he is not dreaming

these battles and their wars we are fighting for them not for us our bodies or souls not even our blood. not with guns not with words or pens dipped in their ink or silence draining from your tongue upon mine eyes. statues standing their carved stone faces and hands and feet. return them to the sand and bring their hours formed and foreign decaying in the air exposed like our faces to the desert, bring them back to their homes. where they can grow, where they can live and die like we are not doing, no we are not moving. we are the stillest water, just backwater trapped far from the river or the sea. our father who leaves us in stagnation please return us to the river, we were not made to be a statue to you or a stain of ink weakening on poisoning paper. lead us back to the river.

why must we keep on, as the sun comes out again

why must we sing to god as if the night shall not steal us away from him?

we put our sails up as the winds fight as they fight us for our fucking lives we feel slipping away like our skins upon our flesh. viscera contained inside each of us we’ve hidden as secrets, words we would never write down upon paper with anyone’s ink. our father whose arms are severed speak once more your holiest of names. divinity is the word, i speak it. salinity of the sea the earth all encompassing, atmospheres of oceans condensing upon thy tongue. speak it father weep as your bleeding tongue fights to form the utterances and silences pull your teeth apart child, you must learn that there are consequences. these are consequences. this is what happens to the ships set out to sea with children at the sails, with statues at the helm. pull your teeth apart, oh earth.

the sun through sheets on clotheslines

stars blacked out by swaths of sails

we are all drunk from the salt and the sun, lost in waves and waves

no we are not moving child

this is our home and i am your father

this is where you born and this is where you will die


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