no worlds no stars

i’ve dreamed worlds that existed without you
i’ve lived lives between deaths and under kings
i’ve seen worlds that were so beautiful without you
i left my eyes there drying in the breeze
looking up into the night
oh stars i’ve lived lives around each of you
i’ve been worlds that were so perfect without having dreamed of you
there’s no end to the spirals to the final breath on my hand
i’m treading water in open oceans no lands on the horizons
this world is nothing but an endless empty expanse
oh stars
you would be nothing without the emptiness of immeasurable space and time separating you
i’ve dreamed of drifting through and never leaving
the cave that doesn’t end just keeps winding and expanding
the river that grows and churns below still at its soft surface
skin without body the widowed virgin weeping
tears in her tea the child inside her asleep
dreaming her into this world creating all the earth
enveloped in a sky with no stars
no stars


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