we sleep here

sweat flicked away from my eyes.
there are no more battles after her, after she dies the world is over.
i breathe in once more and unsheathe my last blade. it was destined for this day, i say to myself. it will not be found buried in my heart or the others’, it will not be wept over by a child or a wife or a brother, it will be lost and burned away so very soon, we will all die here, but we still fight for the kingdom, for our father. though he be the same sire of us all, we all seek his love and pardoning. some delayed reckoning.

sweat falls from my brow.
men sleep like dew on the grass before the morning shows its face. before the war is over.
one last breath to save her. i catch the sun in my eyes and forget the love of my father. she is all that matters now. we will not sleep for long on this earth. we will not sleep for long with the blood drying in our wounds. one more in my ribs, that skin shall never heal, just bleed and rot and burn like the rest of my brothers. we do not weep for each other, we do not look to our father. we die for her and we sleep here on these grasses like dew in the cold morn. yet our bodies burn. they burn and burn and burn.


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